Filmmaker Trieste

Filmmaker with a passion for history

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.” — Stanley Kubrick

I dream of one day creating a re-adaptation of the Iliad. Meanwhile, I immerse myself in movies to better understand my favorite directors' techniques. Recently, I completed my second short film, Horizons, following my debut at 13 with Superbus. I'm grateful for the impact of the LFA and Cours Florent summer classes, which significantly improved my filmmaking skills.

Thomas Senica | Filmmaker Trieste

My skills

I am specializing in film directing, video editing, and screenwriting.


This is the job I aspire to do. I have directed several videos and school projects showcased in competitions.


I am experimenting with various software and new techniques for editing films, shorts, and video presentations.

Script writing

I am constantly jotting down all my ideas as I search for the script for my next project.

Sound editing

I like to find new sounds in nature to process, refine, and mix with multiple effects.

My 2nd Short: HORIZONS

I shot my second short film, Horizons, at my home in the countryside of Muggia, a small town near Trieste, Italy. I also included some footage from London. It's not available for viewing yet, but you can watch the trailer.

My 1st short: SUPERBUS

I shot my first short Superbus - A new story which is the same old story… in Porto Vecchio, one of the many natural film sets offered by Trieste. The entire film is available for viewing here.

Who I am

Today filmmaker, tomorrow film director

My name is Thomas Senica. As a teenage filmmaker passionate about history, I'm currently pursuing classical studies at Petrarca High School in Trieste, northeastern Italy, and I attended LFA's summer classes in London and Cours Florent's in Paris.

With Italian roots and strong connections to Belgium, Korea, and the UK, I create my films in English, Italian, and French.

I enjoy watching and studying movies more than using social media. But feel free to connect with me on YouTube, Instagram, and Letterboxd. Additionally, you can contact me through FilmFreeway, email at, or by using the contact form.

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